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Smart Cities

Smart cities are still being defined but it is Monolith’s core vision to be at the forefront of this frontier.  Working as the liaison that marries RF knowledge with Civic planning for building the metropolises of the next century.  Monolith strives to be the project lead for all aspects of Smart City deployment including transportation, security, automotive, public mesh networks and beyond.




Mesh Networks

Building a City for the Future

Monolith’s primary focus is harnessing our core competencies to help cities around the world realize the next steps in their RF evolution.  By looking at a full spectrum capture of the RF environment throughout the urban landscape, our engineers can guide project managers for city services, civil traffic, utilities and public mesh networks.  LTE, 5G, IoT, WiFi, CBRS and others; all can be utilized, analyzed and deployed with the guidance of Monolith engineers.

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