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As IoT networks continue to be deployed, the line has started to blur between industries that are not traditionally skilled in RF environments leading to a need for RF engineering expertise to assist these companies.  Monolith engineering is perfectly suited to lead point on these engineering tasks or functioning as a knowledge base and consultant for any industry looking to deploy and IoT network.

Our Approach to IoT

Monolith takes a unique approach to IoT planning and optimization.  By utilizing our drive testing capabilities, we try to understand the entire spectrum in which the clients IoT network will need to function in and make a plan based around that.  This helps avoid project delays due to unknown interference factors and other variables. Monolith understands the challenge that todays automotive manufacturers, utility companies, civil engineers and others face when trying to plan for an RF environment that is outside of their own expertise.  That is why we have specialized in bridging this gap and providing key RF expertise to projects like these.

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