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Smart cities as an industrial segment will be worth more than $500 billion globally over the next few years. The onset of COVID-19 simply accelerated the push by municipalities across the globe to modernize and enhance their infrastructure to support new ways of doing business. Monolith Technologies specializes in understanding what is already in place and laying out a vision for what a future city can be.

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Specializing in RF analysis, troubleshooting and planning. Root cause analysis of particularly troublesome networks is where our engineers shine
As IoT networks continue to be deployed, the line has started to blur between industries that are not traditionally skilled in RF environments
Monnolith offers a wide range of training services, particularly when it comes to RG troubleshooting, data collection, and long term planning
Drive Testing, Indoor Testing, iDAS/oDAS coverage analysis as well as benchmarking. Monolith can cover just about any RG environment and thew data collection needed for them
Smart Cities
Monolith strives to be the project lead for all aspects of Smart City deployment including transportation security, automotive, and public mesh networks

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With over 20 years of experience covering a broad swatch of the RF diciplines, Monolith can pair civil engineers, building owners and other non RF experts with the knowledge and contacts to turn their projects into reality.

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